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About me:

 I am a full time professional Realtor and Negotiator since 2003. I have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and worked in high tech for 24 years before moving to a career in real estate investing, marketing and sales.

Who I help:

Buyers and sellers of residential real estate from owner occupied to investors. Everyone has a comfort level and I work with everyone to satisfy their real estate needs. This includes providing them with information, education and data to help them raise their level to where they are confident and savvy about real estate. This knowledge provides confidence and understanding for my clients to buy or sell real estate now or in the future.

How I help them:

My experience in working with clients through the process of buying and selling real estate is that circumstances can ebb and flow. What goals, requirements, needs and wants you start with evolve to what is the final outcome. Therefore it is important that I listen to a client to determine their initial goals, needs and wants. During this discovery time I ask questions to verify, clarify and stimulate my clients to think more thoroughly about these goals, needs and wants. This provides professional confirmation for these items and strengthens them with the client. After this initial consultation all parties will have a clear understanding of the expected outcome. As we progress through the process it is important to continue discovery as new circumstances are exposed which will lead to the final results. This is why I have created a unique process for real estate which provides an exceptional experience for my clients and saves them time and money.

Give me a call today to discuss your needs and goals (503)-214-4139, Thank you.

Kevin Sucher
Principal Real Estate Broker